First Time Condo Buyer

When I was finally ready to enter the Vancouver real estate market, I reached out to Anne based on the good experience my previous landlords had with Anne when selling their home.

I knew right from our first meeting that it was the right decision to select Anne to help me through the home-buying process. She listened attentively and made a list of what I was looking for and immediately sent me some listings that same day. At every showing Anne was very prepared and was very honest with her opinion on the units we were viewing. Anne truly cared about me being happy with the condo I would buy both in the short and long term. She would point out if the view would likely be obstructed in the future by a new building or whether noise would likely be an issue based on the proximity to the delivery drop-off area of a grocery store.

She was also very knowledgeable about what developers built quality condo units. She would review the buyer documents carefully and point out any red flags so that I was fully informed before making an offer. When I made offers, she was a very shrewd negotiator. She truly cared about me not paying more than a condo was worth based on the current market conditions. Anne was very responsive whenever I would email or text and made me feel as though I was her only client. Anne's integrity shone through the process and led me to buying a condo I love.

I have never written a testimonial before, but I have no hesitation in recommending Anne to anyone. I am very grateful to have had Anne by my side as I made the biggest financial decision of my lifetime.

Maureen M.

Spacious West End Condo with Mountains & Water View

After a very long period of time of no success with a different agency, Anne gave us confidence in all matters concerning the sale of our apartment, particularly in the declining market.

She was delightful, frank, helpful, and personable. She applied herself fully to help make the apartment most attractive to buyers, and was able to accent all the positive features of our home. She was savvy in her negotiations when offers were made.

We are so happy about having had such a positive experience with Anne and we will forever be thankful for the work she did. We have already recommended Anne to several people who are interested in selling.

M. de B.

When it was time to sell our family home, we contacted Anne Mainwaring after we met her at another open house a few months ago. She was different from the other realtors.

Her skills and expertise in the real estate industry were evident from the very first meeting when she came fully prepared to discuss our home and the shifting market.

She really wanted us to be successful. She brought her staging professional, got to know our house, created a wonderful feel, took fabulous pictures and did a lovely video of our home. Anne gained our trust when we realized she was delivering on all her promises, even before putting the house on the market. We knew we had done the right choice. She was a great listener and understood our needs. Her language skill in Mandarin was a wonderful bonus in our geographic area. It was great to be able to communicate with her in our mother tongue. Anne is skilled at understanding the various culture.

Anne was an exceptional help and resource in selling our home in this difficult market. She is a strong negotiator and shines during the critical moments. We appreciated her transparency and the timely updates that she provided at each step along the way. Choosing Anne and Sotheby's was the right choice.

I can only recommend Anne: she is tenacious, attentive, creative and caring. She is professional and trusted.

J & Y L.

In this life you will need a good doctor, a good dentist, a good lawyer, a good accountant and an honest garage mechanic. Equally vital but less often, you’ll need a good real estate agent. If you have Anne Mainwaring, you will count your lucky stars because it’s the difference between an Alpha Romeo and a Dodge Dart. She will listen very carefully to what you want, sleuth exhaustively on your behalf, negotiate very shrewdly on your behalf, bring you treats and make you laugh along the way, and she'll take control of countless details that you (and likely the other realtor) have completely overlooked. You are therefore going to feel very safe and empowered.

My wife wanted us to move after 38 years on a perfect street; I was not keen to downsize. Having Anne on our side made all the difference. I was able to open my mind to a major change in my life because my wife and Anne made a brilliant team; and I mostly watched. Anne is a sophisticated person in terms of manners, she is split-second smart, she is chronically alert and she clearly knows the market with a zealous zest for numbers, trends and new listings. I knew in a few minutes I could trust her and – here I’ll be blunt – I instinctively realized that every opposing realtor with whom we were going to cross paths was going to be intimidated.

My instincts were right on all counts. We actually had fun selling our house. In a hesitant and wavering market, it sold above asking price in one day and she found us a superb townhouse that we purchased eight days later. On all fronts, we were completely satisfied.
If you go to court, you are going to want to have the best lawyer. If you are having brain surgery, you want the best surgeon. If you are going to buy or sell your house… well, you do not want just any Tom, Dick or Harriet.

Alan T.


We recently bought a house with Anne Mainwaring of Sotheby's International Realty Canada. We were tough clients. Anne was both organized and patient as we were undecided whether we wanted a single family home, condominium or presale. She only presented properties that matched our criteria and was always responsive to our calls and available to show us new listings. When we finally purchased a single family older home, Anne was meticulous with her paperwork, discovering an old oil tank on the property. Her diligence saved us the soil remediation costs of over $50,000.

Even after the close, Anne worked for four months to help us pursue the seller to finally pay for the landscaping costs, after oil tank was removed. Anne's language skills saved us from disaster more than once. The fact that Anne can understand and converse in multiple languages, including Mandarin, was a huge asset when we purchased our home. "Knowledgeable and tenacious, Anne is the best realtor we have ever worked with. Anne made house hunting fun! Thank you Anne!

Kathy & Glen


Anne was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. Having worked with different Vancouver real estate agents, we knew how lucky we were to come across someone as professional, thorough, and reliable as Anne.

From pushing bushes to inspect exterior siding, to opening cabinets to check for signs of leakage, she is everything that a Vancouver buyer should want, but rarely get with their agent. We highly recommend Anne to anyone who is looking for an outstanding professional, and are confident she will go above and beyond in the sale or acquisition of your home. Thank you so much Anne!

Melissa & Simon


Buying or selling a house is (obviously) a major financial and personnel decision for most people. My wife and I have been through the process five times in the past 10 years with four different real estate agents in two major Canadian cities. we had such fantastic experience with Anne that I recommended her to a friend when he was considering selling his house. We greatly appreciated the quality of her real estate services. This is why I recommend Anne.


Anne has an understanding of the Vancouver, Canadian and International housing market. She appreciates that a house is an investment, as well as a home. She understands the big picture and pays attention to the smallest of details.

When my wife and I interviewed her to determine if we wanted her to sell our house for us, she took us through the process she would use. Based on the interview we decided to hire her. She made a number of promises during the interview and she kept all of them as our agent.

She informed us what she would do and what we would have to do. She worked hard and thoughtfully for us and so did the people with whom she works (e.g. the photographer, stager, etc.). The process was educational and fun too. Our house was priced competitively, and fairly, and sold for above asking.

We trusted Anne so much that we recommended her a friend who was thinking of selling his house. He picked her as his agent too and also had a great experience. Anne also identified and interviewed a Sotheby's agent for us to consider in the city to which we were moving. We decided to select the agent she identified and had a very good experience with her too.

I recommend Anne without reservation.

Giselle & Aaron


In Real Estate, there are professionals and then there are leaders. Anne is unquestionhouseably the latter. My experience with her as my agent was so good that it was completely unexpected, I was not aware selling a house could be such a great experience until now. She took care of every possible little detail I could think of and then on top of that got me over-asking on my property, which was competing with several others in the neighborhood. She is a wonderful person and a shrewd negotiator with an uncanny talent for knowing what buyers are looking for. There is no doubt in my mind that she among the best of the best. Give her a call and she will surprise you too!  

Joel G.


It's hard to describe the level of service that Anne provided us as the listing agent for our home sale. She was thorough and thoughtful throughout the process. When we first invited her to discuss our possible sale, we had intended to speak with other agents as well, but it was clear from the initial visit that we were in very professional hands. She spent as much time as necessary to describe the market with up-to-date research and comparables. She provided us with personalized and high-quality promotional materials, staged our home, and even added many of her own personal items to help create the right feel for our place.

Her very personal touch makes you realize that she puts herself in your shoes - she wants the best for you, just as she does for herself. Her warm, honest manner helped us to trust her throughout the sale. Anne was always accessible and proactive, and followed up on everything that we asked. She attended each open house on her own, and followed up with us immediately after each showing.

She brought our desired results in an amazingly short turn-around time. She promised and she delivered!

Mr. & Mrs. T.


It is thanks to our real estate agent, Mrs. Anne Mainwaring, that the sale of our house in Quilchena, Vancouver BC, turned from an ordeal into a fairly pleasant, albeit serious, event. One only sells one's home a few times in their lives. It is natural to expect difficulties and it becomes essential to sell well especially when downsizing with the hope of receiving some "retirement" funds from the sale. The sale of of our home went through quickly based on the professional advice of Mrs. Mainwaring.

With her guidance, we were able to overcome many serious difficulties, including a serious attempt to substantially lower the selling price on the basis of critical, although unsubstantiated, claims. We know that it was to the large extent due to the tactful and very patient efforts by Mrs. Mainwaring, as well as her command of the Chinese language, that we were able to maintain the stability of the initial offer as well as peace at home. Mrs. Mainwaring responded to all challenges without delay, she worked diligently, thoroughly and resourcefully until the problem was solved to our satisfaction, on several occasions, well past midnight.

Our initial decision to contact Sotheby's Real Estate Agency was based on their well-known tradition of professional efficiency, honesty and high quality of work as serious international art auctioneers. We have learned that their representative agent, Mrs. Mainwaring, embodies not only these qualities but also charm, humour and generosity of spirit as well as an exceptional dedication to her task. We were happy with the process of selling our home as well as with the results.

Mr. & Mrs. B.


I would highly recommend Anne Mainwaring as a realtor for the following reasons:

She is experienced and savvy with Vancouver real estate markets. She knows the fine points of deciding whether and how to make an offer, how to obtain financing, and how to rent out a property. She has reliable professionals she can recommend in related financial and legal fields. This is so important given the speed with which one needs to make these decisions in today's markets.

She gives an honest and intelligent opinion, for example, telling you if she does not think something is a good idea based on her experience. She puts integrity before making a profit.

She is punctual and reliable, quick to return calls and emails, abd very efficient with her time.

She recognizes the stressful nature of a real estate transaction, i.e. making rapid, life-changing decisions involving large amounts of money. This stress is mitigated by her highly competent and compassionate advice.

She possesses a delightful sense of humour, as well as a unique understanding of human nature. I found her to be very respectful, a good communicator who "get's people. She also dresses in a professional, fashion conscious way. She is pleasant, energetic, and fun too!

In summary, I had a 100% fantastic experience dealing with Anne, and have no reservations whatsoever. She is a DIAMOND!!!

Anna B.

Anne is amazing!

As a first-time home buyer in the Vancouver condo market we were new to everything that comes along with looking for a new home. Anne, from day one sat down with us through a referral and listened to exactly what we wanted and needed in our first home. Anne immediatley found numerous listings that fit our wants and needs and somehow also fit our budget. Anne was very experienced in what areas to consider and what developers built with quality. Anne was very honest and not afraid to tell us her opinion on every listing, which we valued greatly as first time home buyers.

Anne handled everything from setting up showings to booking the inspection, she also made herself available for every showing. Every time we made a request Anne made it work. It was Anne's dedication to her job that helped us secure a brand-new condo only two weeks after we began looking. When it came time to making the offer Anne's expertise as a realtor was clear again as she advised us on how to make a strong offer at our price point. Her ability to structure the offer allowed us to get the property under list price and under the average price per square foot in the area. Anne treats you as a friend and makes you feel as though you are always her number one priority. We strongly recommend Anne and will use her again in the future.

Thank you Anne for helping us find our first home in Vancouver. 

Lisa M.


When I decided to sell my house, I resigned myself to hope for the best. Anne Mainwaring changed my feeling of resignation to absolute confidence that I was indeed getting the best service imaginable! With her tireless hard work, the results speak for themselves!

In the first few minutes of our first meeting, I could tell that I was dealing with a professional and ethical realtor. Anne put me at ease with her genuine personality, respect, and dedication. Clearly she loves making her clients happy. Everything she did was in my best interest and I could trust beyond a doubt in the advice she gave me. She made the entire process not only painless but enjoyable! She was equally as dedicated and helpful in trying to find my next home. Her connections with other realtors and representatives for developers, allowed her to give me expert and timely advice. As a result, I was able to purchase a beautiful and unique home.

I sincerely appreciated Anne’s consistent attention and her extra efforts. I have recommended her to all my friends and family. When I decide to sell again, I will hire Anne without hesitation."

Lisa M.

From the beginning, Anne took the time to explain us the specifics of the Vancouver West property market and the whole process of buying and selling real estate.

When we were ready to buy our new home on the West Side, Anne was very pro-active and efficient at informing us about the homes we might be interested in and she would clearly highlight and identify the benefits and limitations of each property. Very importantly, we felt that she was committed and she was very responsive regarding our queries.

Once we made our decision, her negotiation skills and valuation knowledge were invaluable and we could feel that she truly had our best interests in mind. Even though we were in a multiple offer situation, Anne helped us remain calm, kept us up-to-date with the transaction and her presence on our side was both very reassuring and critical to the successful outcome.
Anne is clearly very comfortable navigating the multi-cultural real estate landscape of Vancouver and her Chinese language skill was very helpful as she had to deal with Asian brokers on multiple occasions.

Thanks to Anne's integrity, perseverance, listening skills and cheerful sense of humor, we have enjoyed the whole experience, and we now own the house we wanted in our favorite neighbourhood.

From being our realtor, Anne has now become a good friend. We would highly recommend Anne to anyone who is looking for a very professional real estate agent.

Rajni & Shyam M.

Anne Mainwaring is very enthusiastic about her job and perfect in putting things into action. She understands her customer’s needs and gives 100% to accomplish them.

Lisa & G. S.

Anne was exceptionally knowledgeable about the Vancouver presale market and how we should go about purchasing our first rental investment. We were most impressed with her local knowledge on the Greater Vancouver area.

It was clear Anne had taken the time to research the area so that she could let us know where we should expect other new developments to rise up and distort our much sought after view, this was critical in our decision making about our real-estate agent and our property purchase.

Her market research was thorough, analyzing the property value within the current and projected market and surrounding existing presale opportunities.

Anne makes time for her client’s accompanying us to multiple sales centers and she was not afraid to give her open professional opinion, even if this went against our initial assessment. She helped to ground us ensuring we purchased the first right property for our future.

She had a great rapport with all the presale reps we met. She gets our true gratefullness and full recommendation for our next real estate transaction.

Steven W.

Your professional abilities and positive attitude in finding our lovely apartment were greatly appreciated, as was your patience in searching for the right condo for two people with different priorities.

Your competence and organizational skills made us feel confident throughout the process, and your taking care of details like finding us extra parking spaces makes it clear that you go above and beyond for your clients. We feel very fortunate to have benefited from your first class services, and are delighted to recommend you as a highly competent and very dedicated realtor.

Tanya W.

I would like to thank Anne for her very efficient and value-added service in helping me acquiring an investment condominium in a pre-sale development in the Kitisilano area. Her role encompassed all the key steps from finding the opportunity, negotiating key provisions to completing the deal. In particular, I was very impressed by her knowledge of the non-resident tax regime, as well as her very transparent and timely communication regarding market research, valuations, precedent comparable transactions and zoning regulations. 

I look forward to the next value accretive investment that we will do together.